• Yearly Membership INR 1200/- for Male
  • Yearly Membership INR 600/- for Female

The Lord Buddha Pratishthan has a tradition of welcoming volunteers across the country; we are always eager to work with dedicated individuals offering their time, knowledge and fresh ideas and believe we can make this volunteer is experience a mutually beneficial one.

We believe that to work for social change you need to contribute a substantial amount of time to understand the needs and cater in the best possible way with your unique skill set. If you want to volunteer for events and campaigns, the time is minimum one day and maximum a week.

We actively seek volunteers, who would be able to help us in our project work, organise events, help raise funds, support in campaigns and participate during the emergency relief work.

For enquiries about Volunteerism Opportunities with The Lord Buddha Pratishthan please you just need to fill the registration form or write us on

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